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30 years Department of Thracian archaeology at NIAM-BAS

The year 2013 marked the 30th anniversary of the Department of Thracian archaeology at NIAM-BAS. On this occasion the Institute organized a celebration from November 21st to 24th, 2013 that included exhibition of posters and International archaeological conference.

The official celebration began with the opening of the exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum. 30 posters showing hundreds of pictures presented the main findings in the field of the Thracian culture and the contributions of NIAM-BAS to its investigation.

The posters included in the temporary exhibition are displayed in the digital exhibition "30 years Department of Thracian archaeology at NIAM-BAS". It gives pictorial chronicle of the highlights and the most important results of the studies on the Thracian antiquity in the last 30 years.