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Department of Medieval Archaeology

HeadDr. Metodi Daskalov Associate Professor
SecretaryDr. Vladimir Staykov Chief Assistant
Dr. Zhivko Aladzhov Associate Professor
Dr. Sc. Nikolay Ovcharov Associate Professor
Dr. Valeri Grigorov Associate Professor
Dr. Peter Dimitrov Chief Assistant
Dr. Andrey Aladzhov Chief Assistant
Dr. Elena Vassileva Chief Assistant
Dr. Evgeniya Komatarova-Balinova Chief Assistant
Dr. Evelina Todorova Chief Assistant
Snezhana Goryanova , Specialist
Filip Petrunov
Dr. Metodi Zlatkov
Doctorate students Габриела Райкова
Панайот Антонов
Юри Пулчев

Established in 1950.

Heads: Stamen Mihailov, Zhivka Vazharova, Dimitar Ovcharov
Outstanding Bulgarian scientists, who have had permanent positions at the Department of Mediaeval Archaeology and have contributed to its activity: Krastyo Miyatev, Vera Ivanova-Mavrodinova, Nikola Mavrodinov, Stancho Vaklinov, Stamen Mihailov, Zhivka Vazharova, Ivanka Akrabova-Zhandova.

Subject: Archaeology of the Middle Ages (the 4th –18th centuries)

Research Topics:
Culture of the Early Christian Period in Bulgaria
Genesis of the Mediaeval Bulgarian Culture
The Capitals of Mediaeval Bulgarian Kingdoms
Cities and Villages in Mediaeval Bulgaria
Production and Technologies of Bulgarian Middle Ages
Civil and Cult architecture of the Middle Ages
The East and the West in Mediaeval Bulgarian Culture
Monumental and Applied arts of the Bulgarian Middle Ages

Main achievements:
Identification of the culture of the early Slavic tribes
Identification of the archaeological culture of the Protobulgars
Main parameters of the structure of the Mediaeval Bulgarian city
Pliska and Preslav Early Bulgarian capitals – fortification, town planning and chronology of the royal centers
Entire archaeological excavation of the mediaeval center of Veliko Tarnovo on Tsarevets Hill