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Department of Interdisciplinary Research and Archaeological Map of Bulga

HeadDr. Georgi Nehrizov Associate Professor
SecretaryDr. Silva Sabkova Chief Assistant
Dr. Tsoni Tsonev Associate Professor
Dr. Tsvetana Popova Associate Professor
Dr. Nadezhda Karastoyanova Chief Assistant, archaeozoologist
Dr. Ivo Cholakov Chief Assistant
Dr. Nadezhda Kecheva Chief Assistant
Dr. Nayden Prahov Chief Assistant
Dr. Nikola Tonkov Engineer, geophysicist
Plamen Georgiev
Doctorate students Ангел Григоров
Вероника Генчева
Teodor Todorov

The Department for Interdisciplinary Research (DIR) of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences involves experts in various fields of interdisciplinary studies of the Bulgarian archaeology. Our goals are to provide additional data (eco – facts, geophysical and geodesic studies) ascertaining the reliability, authencity and uniqueness of the archaeological sites and artifacts, as well as to expand the opportunities for archaeological interpretation. The accurate reconstruction of economy and paleo-environment as vegetation, agriculture, and wild and domestic animals peculiar of ancient men, and the systematic accumulation of new data in the same direction helps dating the archaeological sites and gives grounds for reconstruction of human impact on the environment and the adaptive capacities of human society to meet the climatic and ecological changes in the past. The combination of various eco – and archaeological data expands the opportunities for interpretation and achievement of further knowledge of animals and plants, and their position within the material and spiritual culture during the ages. 

Still another field we rapidly develop is work with geographical information systems (GIS). The precise localization of the archaeological sites and structures in the space significantly increases the quality of the information entering the automatic information system. We are responsible for geodesic recording of the archaeological sites and structures and for working out the relevant technical documentation of numerous archaeological sites on the territory of Bulgaria. The archaeological geo-physics comes as an integral part of the field archaeological research in Bulgaria. The potential of geo-physical methods and the level achieved at this stage of development have been evidenced by many examples. The archaeological structures we register successfully save material resources, workforce and time. As a contribution to the Bulgarian geo-physics, the procedures applied are highly effective and the methods are excellently developed for exploring tumuli and tombs, and structures they might contain.