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Notes for contributors

This journal is published four times a year. It publishes papers and reports about archaeological sites and materials concerned with excavations in Bulgaria, as well as papers of debate on problems of more general concern in the field of prehistory, antiquity and medieval archaeology, numismatics, sphragistics and epigraphy. The journal also offers concise information about important new finds and acquisitions of Bulgarian museums, book reviews, comments on temporary or permanent archaeological exhibitions, academic life and news. Papers are published in Bulgarian, with a summary in English.

Notes for contributors:

Papers should not exceed 36 000 characters, including notes and bibliography.

References are to be made according to the so-called Oxford system. They are placed in brackets in the text and contain: author's surname, space, year of publication, comma, page(s) or illustration(s), e.g.:

(Бонев 1998, 74; Ivanova 1997, 5-14; Игнатов 2000, обр. 4; Hiller 1993, Abb. 8-10)

Bibliography is placed at the end of the text. In begins with titles in Cyrillic alphabet, followed by those in Roman alphabet. Titles in other alphabet close the list. Transliteration is allowed of titles in a rare alphabet into Roman. The publications of each group are arranged in ascending alphanumeric order. In case of more than one publication of particular author in particular year and alphabet, small Cyrillic or Roman letters (а, б, в, etc. or a, b, c, etc.) are attached without space to the year of publication. Titles of periodicals are not abbreviated. If a monograph has been published in a series, the name and volume of the series are placed in brackets immediately after its title. If a paper referred to has appeared in a collection of studies or in a volume which forms part of a particular series, the title of the latter is preceded by "-B:" or "-In:", and followed by the other necessary information, e.g.:

Childe 1929: V. G. Childe. The Danube in Prehistory. Oxford, 1929.
Georgiev 1965: G. I. Georgiev. The Azmak Mound in Southern Bulgaria. - Antiquity, 39, 153, 1965, 6-8.
Velkov 1952: I. Velkov. Der Fels im Kultus der Thraker. - In: Festschrift Rudolf Egger, 1. Klagenfurt, 1952, 28-36.

Illustrations (graphic representations of good quality or black and white photos) should be in judicious number. Everywhere in the text they are marked as "figures" (fig.) All of them are to be numbered with Arabian numbers on the backside. An arrow on the same side points the top end. Captions should be simple and informative. A linear scale is desirable. Graphic illustrations should not exceed A4 format and should be susceptible to reduction. The maximum size of photographs is 13 by 18 cm. Screen representations are delivered on a magnetic carrier in a Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG, JPG) or Tagged Image Film Format (TIFF, TIF) format, not less than 300 dpi for photographs and 600 dpi for schemes. Adobe Illustrator (AI), Encapsulated Post Script (EPS), Corel Draw (CDR) or Windows Metafile (WMF) should be used for representations of vector type.

Summaries of papers and reports should be at the most informative and their length should form about one eighth of the original text.

Manuscripts are delivered on a magnetic carrier, in any WinWord version. File type: rtf; font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.; margins: 3.5; space line: 1.5. Title and author's name are given in Bold, Left Alignment. Explanatory text and remarks are given as footnotes, in Italic. A printout of the text and copies of the illustration are required. Special characters and symbols, if any, are to be inserted in the printout and marked in colour. Only manuscripts in full completion are accepted.