Editorial Board


Editorial Board:

Vassil Nikolov (Prehistory)

Evgeniya Gencheva, Vice-Editor-in-Chief (Antiquity)
Krum Bacvarov, Secretary (Prehistory)
Stefan Aleksandrov (Protohistory)
Hristo Popov (Protohistory)
Anelia Bozkova (Antiquity)
Evgenia Gencheva (Antiquity)
Metodi Daskalov (Middle Ages)
Valeri Grigorov (Middle Ages)
Konstantin Dochev (Numismatics)
Mirena Slavova (Epigraphy)

Typeset Editor:

Maria Uzunova

All papers submitted for publication go through a peer-review process. They are reviewed by the Editorial Board members who cover the respective specialized field.