Notes for contributors

І. Studies
30-80 standard pages (1800 characters/page) + 10-30 plates (А4) illustrations

ІІ. Papers and reports
5-30 standard pages (1800 characters/page) + up to 10 plates of illustrations

ІІІ. Archaeological news
Up to 5 standard pages (1800 characters/page) + 1 plate of illustration

ІV. Reviews
Up to 15 standard pages (1800 characters/page)

The papers should have a summary in a foreign language chosen by the author, which should not exceed 1/5 of the body of the original text. The references to the illustrations should be translated into the same language.

The author should give his/her full name, contact information (e-mail inclusive) and his/her working place (its website inclusive).

References are to be made according to the so-called Oxford System, used by Arheologia (Sofia) Journal: the author’s name, year of publication and the pages are placed in brackets and the comma is placed after the year of publication. The complete bibliography begins with the titles in Cyrillic followed by those in Latin, titles in other alphabets close the list. The titles are arranged in alphabetical order and the publications of the authors are arranged in ascending order. In case there is more than one publication of a particular author in the same year, small Cyrillic or Latin letters are attached without space to the year of publication. Titles of periodicals are not abbreviated. If a paper or a study is published in a collection of papers or in a volume, which is part of particular series, the name of the volume of the series is preceded by “- В:” (in Cyrillic) or “- In:” (in Latin), e.g.:

(Рашев 2003, 159)
Р. Рашев. Съмнителни и недостоверни паметници на прабългарската култура. – В: Studia protobulgarica et mediaevalia Europensia (В чест на проф. Веселин Бешевлиев). София 2003, 158-174.

Illustrations should be of good quality – plans, drawing and black-and-white photographs (photographs in size of 9x12 or 13x18 cm) should be arranged in plates. Plans and drawings should have a linear scale, but it does not apply to photographs if there is a drawing of the same find/monument with a linear scale. Titles are to be attached in a separate list, then listed at the back of the drawings using Arabic numerals. Illustrations on a diskette or a compact disk are not accepted.

The manuscripts are delivered on a diskette (MFD-3.5) or CD in Rich Text Format (MS WORD with RFT extension) and Times New Roman font, regular 12 font size; page margins 3.5; space line 1.5. The title and the author’s name are left aligned and the title is in Bold Font style. The footnotes are marked by an index in the text and are inserted at the bottom of the page in Italic Font style. The diskette/compact discs are delivered together with a printed copy of the text. Only manuscripts matching all requirements are accepted.