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About Interdisciplinary Research

After a break that lasted more than 10 years, a new issue (XIX, 2006) of Interdisciplinary Studies Journal was published. Our aim is to fill in the conspicuous gap left by the necessity of timely publications on important topics related to the identification of archaeological finds, material and sites. Meanwhile the interdisciplinary research in the field of archaeology developed a lot shifting the research focus from analyses of single sites and finds to study entire regions and landscapes. Conforming to this change, the Editorial Board aims on the one hand to continue the tradition of 1970s and 1980s studying the identity of the origins of particular sites and applying objective methods of archaeological research, and on the other hand to expand the topic scope using new techniques and applications. The formal side of this continuity is represented by the fact that the new issue has the same cover although it is going to be published in a new A4 format. The text layout was also changed; the current layout is designed in two columns. The bigger format is required by the necessity of publishing large plans, drawings and illustrations which would be printed in color if needed. In the future, we are planning to expand the topic scope by including studies on anthropology and ethnography, and generally studies of the humanities and social sciences related to the research on past human behavior and contributing to the development of theories about human consciousness. We are going to stress especially on the development of the collaboration between humanities and science using the applications of the geographic information systems as well as information technologies in the archaeological research and public presentations.