Notes for contributors

The authors submit their papers in Bulgarian, English, French or German electronically and as printouts: Rich Text Format; Font type: Times New Roman Regular; Font size: 12; Space between lines: 1.5. Illustrations with resolution from 300 to 600 dpi as jpg or tif files on CD should be sent by post. Please send it to the editor-in-chief Tsoni Tsonev, National Archaeological Institute with Museum – BAS, 2 Saborna St, BG-1000 Sofia, Bulgaria ( ).

Please attach to your submission a letter confirming that all authors have agreed to the submission and that the article is not currently being considered for publication by another journal.

The paper should contain:

  1. Title and subtitle (if any). Full name of each author with current affiliation and full address, e-mail will be presented as initial footnote.
  2. Abstract of up to 1/8 of the article. Bulgarian texts require a summary in one of the following languages: English, French, German; texts in the specified languages require a summary in Bulgarian.
  3. Main text and word count - up to 30 000 words. Text to be organized with a clear hierarchy of three levels of headings and subheadings.
References should follow the Oxford convention. Bibliographic references in the text should contain within parentheses the author’s surname or conventional shortening of the title of the work if no immediate author or editor is listed (this should correspond to the bibliographic entry in the references at the end of the paper) and date of publication and page/illustration references, such as (Ivanova 1997, 5-14), (Mathematische Formeln 1990, 21; Hiller 1993, Abb. 8-10). References should be listed alphabetically (references in Cyrillic should be first, Latin second, other languages at the end) including full title, place of publication, publisher (if any), issue number, page numbers. If a monograph is published in a series, the title of the series is given in parentheses. The names of the authors and the year of publication as presented in bibliographic references in the text are given in bold followed by a colon and repeated family names with shortened first and second names of the authors. Examples:

Kobylianski, Hershkovitz 1997: E. Kobylianski, I. Hershkovitz. Biology of Desert Populations-South Sinai Beduins: Growth and Development of Children in Human Isolates, (ERAUL, 82), 1997, Liege, 276.

Trotter, Gleser 1952: M. Trotter, G.C. Gleser. Estimation of stature from long bones of Americam Whites and Negroes. - American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 1952, 10, 463-517.
Kavur 2003: B. Kavur. The Things We Did Not Find. In: Tsonev, T., E. Montagnari Kokelj (eds). The Humanized Mineral World: towards social and symbolic evaluation of prehistoric technologies in South Eastern Europe, 115-119. Proceedings of the ESF ExploratoryWorkshop, Sofia, 3-6 September 2003. (ERAUL, 103), Liege-Sofia.

Manuscripts will not be returned to authors.