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Exhibit of November 2022: Double-sided icon "Baptism of the Lord" and "Prophet Jeremiah"


17th century

From the village of Gabrovitsa, Ikhtiman district (now Pazardzhik), sent by the district administration in 1895.

The artefact is part of the temporary exhibition 130 years National Archaeological Museum which is on display until February 5th, 2023, in the Temporary Exhibition Hall of the National Archaeological Museum.

On one side, the "Baptism of the Lord" is depicted. Jesus Christ is represented in the middle, standing on a stylized rock in the Jordan River. Christ is half-naked. Around his waist is a cloth with red stripes at the end. He is half-turned left to John the Baptist, who has set foot on the shore. With his right hand, he blesses Christ, and the left hand is beside his body. Three angels are depicted on the left bank of the river. Their faces are individual. Above Christ's head, parts of the tail and wings of a light blue colored dove representing the Holy Spirit are preserved. On the other side, the prophet Jeremiah is depicted. He is half-turned to the right. The face is ascetic, surrounded by white hair. The prophet is dressed in a red robe, draped with a blue cloak covering his left arm. With it he holds a long scroll, and the lower end with his right hand.

The purpose of the small two-sided icons is a kind of announcement or reminder of the upcoming holidays of the following day. It is placed on the analogion on the eve of the feast of a particular saint.