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Exhibit of June 2023: Bronze bust of Pallas Athena


Bronze bust of Pallas Athena

Svilengrad, Haskovo region
1st c.

The figurine represents a bust of Athena emerging from a flowered cup placed on a tall circular base. The goddess is depicted as a young, determined woman. Her head is tilted down, turned slightly to the right. It has an elaborately crafted Italo-Corinthian helmet with a large rounded calotte ending with a sphinx figure and a double crest. On the pediment is a relief image of an anthropomorphic mask (nose, eyes and eyebrows). Athena's hair is tied in a bun at the nape. Her body is protected by a leather cuirass decorated with a snake and an appliqué of the Medusa in the centre. The right shoulder of the goddess is draped with a himation. The statue was created in the 1st century but is a later version of one of the most popular types from the 5th century BC – that of Athena of Velletri. The bust was discovered by chance, on December 6, 1945, in the Kinkeliyata locality near the town of Svilengrad, together with three other bronze figurines of Apollo, Tyche and Athena, interpreted as belonging to a home sanctuary (lararium).


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