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Exhibit of October 2023. Bronze krater from Trebenishte, grave I


One of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries that have survived from the Classical Antiquity is the discovery of the necropolis of Trebenishte was accidently made in the last months of World War I. The necropolis is dated in the end of the 6th c. BC.

The artefacts found in the graves of Trebenishte have proved to be of a particular importance. Among these artefacts is a bronze volute-krater found in grave I, one of the masterpieces of the ancient toreutics.

The rim and the volutes in the upper part of the krater are richly decorated with plastic bands and of tongues and beads. In the upper part of the neck, a guilloche is added to the decoration, and a wide band of engraved tongues cover the shoulders. On each side of the neck, three solid figures of cows were applied, pacing to the right with the head facing. The lower parts of the handles are shaped as winged Gorgons, from the waist down splitting into two snakes that crawl on the krater’s shoulders. The bodies of the Gorgons are covered with scales arranged like scale armour. The chest is covered with a short-sleeved garment. The broad faces with bulging eyes, stretched lips, and the tongue sticking out are framed by locks that wind symmetrically into volutes and long curls to the chest. The tall moulded foot of the krater is decorated with beads and lotus flowers in relief.

This year we celebrate the 105th anniversary of the discovery of the necropolis of Trebenishte in the Republic of North Macedonia. This anniversary is celebrated with an exhibition under the patronage of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Krastyu Krastev, where the findings from the rich and impressive necropolis are presented.

The exhibition is realized within the framework of the “100 years of Trebenishte” project with partners National Archaeological Institute with Museum at BAS, NI Archaeological Museum of the Republic of North Macedonia, National Museum of Serbia and NI Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum – Ohrid.

The exhibition is presented in the Treasury Hall of the National Archaeological Museum between 10.10.2023 to 24.03.2024.

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