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Exhibit of the month – January 2024


Aryballoi, grave I, Trebenishe necropolis

Faience, glass, End of 6th c. BC, NAIM-BAS

Two Corinthian and one Attic aryballoi (incense vessels). The vessels have a globular body. The first are with one handle each, made of faience, with a relief decoration of tongue ornaments. The decorative repertoire finds parallels in vessels from Rhodes and one specimen from central Italy (Lazio). The Attic aryballos has two handles made of dark blue glass decorated with yellow and light blue bands. The glass vessels discovered in the graves from the necropolis find parallels in the Archaic period graves in the area of the Thermaic Gulf (Sindos), which belong to the same horizon as Trebenishte.

The artefacts are part of the temporary exhibition "Trebenishte. 105 years since the discovery of the necropolis at Trebenishte 1918 – 2023", on display in the Treasury Hall of the National Archaeological Museum until March 24, 2024.


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