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Exhibit of the month, February 2024


Rhyton (horn-shaped vase), necropolis at Trebenishte, grave I

Silver, gold
End of 6th c. BC

Horn-shaped vase with outturned rim, ribbed lower half of the body, and gold finial at the tip with ring for hanging. The rim is decorated with finely engraved band of lotus and egg motif. Probably, all these ornaments were originally gilded. A band of engraved scales motif delimits the ribbed lower part. The gilded finial is 3 cm long. A beaded motif separates the gilded part from the ribbed one.

The artefact is part of the temporary exhibition "Trebenishte. 105 years since the discovery of the necropolis at Trebenishte 1918 – 2023", on display in the Treasury Hall of the National Archaeological Museum until March 24, 2024.


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