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Archaeological excavations


We explored the northern periphery of a stratified site comprising features and artifacts from the Neolithic (a settlement), the late Iron Age (a 5th – early 3rd cent. BC pit sanctuary), and the Middle Ages. The Medieval structures have been dug immediately into the earlier ones...

Proto-Bulgarian Cemetery at Balchik Several years now Prof. Dr. Sc. Lyudmila Doncheva-Petkova and her small team have been excavating the earliest known Proto-Bulgarian cemetery. It is situated in the area of the former Air Force Base near Balchik, on the Black Sea coast. 175...

250 burials were excavated dating from mid-5th to late 3th century BC. Earthen pits and rock graves predominate. The numerous finds of imported or local pottery include two unique lekythi with plastic and polychrome ornamentation, many terra-cottas, a glass scaraboid and a...

The Roman boundary along the Stara Planina range between Obzor and the Eleshnitsa River represents massive fortified walls, reinforced with towers at certain places. The defensive sector at Golitsa played a major role in the East Balkan boundary. It comprised three individual...

In 2005 Sonya Lazarova from VIM-Pleven excavated the site at the Selishteto locality, west of the village of Suchache. Dr. Gergana Kabakchieva from IAM-BAS acted as excavations’ consultant. The excavations aimed at establishing the nature of habitation in the valley and whether...

Excavations at Pliska, Season 2005 In 2005 the archaeological team excavated the outer earthen fortifications and the wall of the wooden fortress, which has been burnt down in 811 AD. The northern and eastern gates of the fortifications were established. We continued our...

Several Roman lime-kilns from the 1st century AD were excavated in August and September, 2005 at the village of Krivina, near Ruse, on the Danube river. Excavations of Dr. Lyudmil F. Vagalinski (Dept. of Classical Archaeology at AIM-BAS).

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