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Due to take place the opening of the temporary exhibition "Trebenishte, 105 years since the discovery of the necropolis at Trebenishte 1918 – 2023"


The exhibition "Trebenishte. 105 years since the discovery of the necropolis. 1918 - 2023" will present the finds from the rich and impressive necropolis near the village of Trebenishte, Republic of North Macedonia. It is organized jointly by the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at BAS, the National Institute Archaeological Museum of the Republic of North Macedonia, the National Museum of Serbia and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum – Ohrid.

The necropolis has an intriguing history. The finds from the rich graves near the village of Trebenishte were accidentally discovered 105 years ago, on May 20, 1918, by the Bulgarian army during repair work on the road between the town of Ohrid and the village of Kichevo. Despite the military actions, Bulgaria sent, at the beginning of July 1918, one of the pioneers of Bulgarian archaeology, Karel Škorpil, who examined the finds on the spot and carried out rescue archaeological research, during which he discovered two more graves. In the graves were buried warriors with weaponry, gold insignia, silver and bronze vessels, silver ornaments, etc. The artefacts date the necropolis to the end of the 6th century BC.

Many of finds from the first seven graves are today part of the permanent exhibition of the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia. In addition, the exhibition will also include artefacts from subsequent studies, which are kept in the National Museum of Serbia and in the Museum in the city of Ohrid. On the Serbian side, the findings from the archaeological investigations of 6 graves from the necropolis, discovered during the excavations of Prof. N. Vulić, carried out in the 1930s, will be shown, and the Macedonian side will show findings from the 1953-1954 and 1972, excavations of other parts of the necropolis. Grave finds from the necropolis near Gorna Porta from the city of Ohrid will also be included.

The exposition will be accompanied by a poster exhibition presenting the history of research, as well as publications in Bulgarian and English.

The exhibition in Sofia is realized under the "100 years of Trebenishte" project, and is a continuation of the exhibition presented in 2019 in Skopje. Recently restored finds will be included in the exposition. The event represents a positive step forward in deepening the cooperation of cultural and historical heritage between the three Balkan countries – the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Serbia. The exhibition expresses the processes of building pan-European values and the European integration of the Western Balkans.

The exhibition is realized under the patronage of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Krastyu Krastev, and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.