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Archaeologist of the Year Awards


Deputy Minister Arch. George Stoev officially handed the Archaeologist of the Year Awards – a diploma and a plaque of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria on January 6th 2012 in the National Archaeological Institute with Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The awards express the highest public and professional assessment and empathy of the Government regarding the work of the archaeologists in the course of the last year.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Hristo Popov (NAIM – BAS), Ass. Prof. Dr. Krassimir Nikov (NAIM – BAS), Ass. Prof. Dr. Totko Stoyanov (St. Clemente of Ohrid University, Sofia), Ass. Prof. Dr. Paulina Vladkova (Regional Museum of History – Veliko Tarnovo), and Ass. Prof. Dr. George Nehrizov (NAIM – BAS) have been distinguished for their significant contribution to the development of the archaeological studies and popularization of the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria. Deputy Chairman of BAS, Corresponding Member Atanas Atanassov and the Chairman of the Union of the Architects in Bulgaria, Arch. George Bakalov attended the ceremony and pronounced compliments.