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In memoriam

On January 29th 2012 in Moscow passed away Prof. Nikolay Yakovlevich Merpert

Nikolay Yakovlevich Merpert
1922 – 2012

We grieve over the death of the notably erudite scholar of world prominence, the great man and friend Nikolay Yakovlevich. His archaeological work in Bulgaria and especially his studies of Ezero Tell and Yunatsite Tell have made a huge impact and will never be forgotten. His contributions to the Prehistory of the Bulgarian territories come among the best ones dedicated to these problems. His colleagues from the elder generation as well as the younger Bulgarian pre-historians who had the chance to work with him will never fail to remember what they had learned from him, his stories about his expeditions and archaeological excavations, his travels and meetings.

We have been preparing to congratulate him for his 90th anniversary and yet the fate decided otherwise…

We bow to his bright memory! He will remain in our hearts!

Aeterna memoria!

National Archaeological Institute with Museum – BAS