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Exhibition of stone artifacts from the depot of the NIAM – BAS in the Serdica II new subway station

The National Institute of Archaeology with Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences arranged artifacts coming from the Roman Serdica in a temporary exhibition. It is opened in the Serdica II new subway station. The artifacts belong to the depot of NIAM-BAS. All of them have been discovered on the territory of the antique town of Serdica.

The exhibition presents some architectural details as marble capitals from the AD 2nd c. and a marble column with a Latin inscription about the reconstruction of Serdica water main in AD 580; votive stelae from the AD 2nd – 3rd c. representing Heros, Pan, Artemis and Mithras; a statuette of Cybele inscribed in Greek from the AD 2nd c.; a vase fragment with relief decoration dating from the AD 3rd c.; a male bust of Palliatus type from the AD 2nd c.; and a marble relief representing the town gates of Serdica from the AD 2nd c., etc.

Alongside the stone pieces, the exhibition also shows graphic reconstructions of Serdica northern gates and the façade of a representative Roman edifice revealed during the construction of Sheraton Hotel. The photographs trace the long-term archaeological research of the antique town that began in the early 20th century. Some photographs also present the most attractive archaeological finds from Serdica now on display in the National Museum of Archaeology as the bronze gilt head of a statue of Apollo dating from the AD 2nd c. and the famous plate – poster depicting the circus games in Serdica.

Curator of the Serdica II subway station exhibition is Dr. Krassimira Karadimitrova, and its coordinator is Krastyu Chukalev, NIAM-BAS.

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