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Newly found Thracian gold treasure in the Big (Omurtagova) Tumulus near Sveshtari on display in NAIM-BAS

The gold treasure was discovered on November 7th 2012. The archaeological team led by Ass. Prof. D-r Diana Gergova was working on the biggest tumulus of the necropolis in Sboryanovo National Archaeological Reserve near Sveshtari village, Isperih municipality – Golyamata (Omurtagova) Mogila – the Big (Omurtag’s) Tumulus.

The treasure had been put in a wooden chest and probably served as a grave gift for the funeral of a remarkable Getti king. It comprises an iron bridle, harness appliques with representations of a goddess and forehead piece with a horse head, and numerous golden jewels – a diadem, bracelets and beads.  It is dating from the late 4th and the early 3rd c. BC – the time of zenith of the Getae State.

Right after the field research and under tight security, the gold treasure was transported to the National Museum of Archaeology. The discovery provoked great academic, public and media interest in Bulgaria and abroad. On November 11th 2012 Mr. Boyko Borisov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, visited the Museum of Archaeology accompanied by the ministers Simeon Dyankov, Vezhdi Rashidov and Sergey Ignatov. They observed the gold treasure before it took its place in the permanent exposition of the Museum.  

The meeting was attended by Ass. Prof. D-r Maria Reho, Deputy Director of NAIM-BAS and Mrs. Pavlina Ilieva, Head of Depots Department. Ass. Prof. D-r Diana Gergova presented her discovery. Financial support has been promised for further research of the tumulus as well as for purchase of a geo-radar for NAIM-BAS. There was also a proposal to include the treasure into the exposition planned for the largest national museum in France – Le Louvre, in 2014.

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