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In memoriam

On 4 March 2013 Prof. D-r Architect Stephan Boyadzhiev –
Honorary member of NAIM-BAS passed away

Prof. D-r Architect Stephan Boyadzhiev

A prominent representative of the Bulgarian academic community and honorary member of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum has gone! We express sincere condolences to his family and friends!
Tribute to his memory!
From his colleagues from the National Institute with Museum –
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Prof. D-r Architect Stephan Boyadzhiev was born on August 10th 1920 in Razgrad. In 1939 he graduated the French College in Sofia. In 1942 he began to study architecture in Technische Hochshule – Munich, but his studies were interrupted for his participation in the Second World War. In 1950 he graduated the Faculty of Architecture at the State Polytechnics in Sofia (now the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy).

In the course of 1951 – 1959 Stephan Boyadzhiev was postgraduate in the NAIM-BAS. Under the direction of Architect Sava Bobchev he defended his Ph.D. thesis on History of the fortress wall of Serdica (1959).

Prof. Boyadzhiev worked in the Office for protection of the monuments of culture as a head of the Section of Conservation of Antique and Medieval Architectural Monuments in the course of 1951-1961. In 1970 he entered the Institute of Theory and History of Urban Planning and Architecture of BAS working there till 1986.

He was also an experienced lecturer in the National Academy of Arts, the Theological Academy (today the Faculty of Theology of St. Clemente of Ohrid University in Sofia), Neophyte of Rila Southwestern University in Blagoevgrad, and the New Bulgarian University.

Prof. Boyadzhiev was elected honorary member of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum of BAS in 2010 regarding his 90th anniversary. In the same year he was awarded a golden badge by the Union of the Architects in Bulgaria.

Prof. D-r Architect Stephan Boyadzhiev devoted his academic work to research of the antique and medieval constructions of the monumental architecture in Bulgaria and abroad. Among all of his contributions let us mention the fortress wall of Serdica, St. Sophia Church in Sofia, The Old Metropolitan Church in Nessebar, the Red Church by Perushtitsa, the Elena Church by Pirdop, the basilica near Golyamo Belovo village, the church in Dzhanavar Tepe in Varna, the Round Church in Preslav, the church near Vinitsa village, Varna region, elements of the inner fortification of Veliki Preslav, as well as the underground rotunda in Damous – el – Karita in Carthage, the Erechtheion on the Acropolis in Athens, a sector of the wall along the Roman Upper Danube Limes running along Pfalheim in Germany, etc.

Sit tibi terra levis!