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Early Metallurgy in the Balkans Third International Symposium

The Third International Symposium on the Early Metallurgy in the Balkans will be held on May 10th – 11th 2013 in Sozopol. It is organized by the National Archaeological Institute with Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Archaeo-Metallurgical Studies, London, UK. The preceding symposia have been held in Great Britain and the Republic of Serbia. 
Bulgaria has been chosen to host the Symposium this year for some recently discovered archaeological sites drew the interests of the world scientists working in the field of the early metallurgy. Ada Tepe is one of these sites. As early as the Late Bronze Age (the second half of the second millennium B.C.) they were mining gold there. The directors of the research team in Ada Tepe are Ass. Prof. Dr. Hristo Popov and Ass. Prof. Dr. Krassimir Nikov, both from NAIM-BAS. 
The other major metallurgical site in Bulgaria is Akladi Cheiri near the town of Chernomorets. Dr. Peter Leshtakov (NAIM-BAS) directs the research there. The site is very close to Medni Rid ("Copper Hill") with mines for copper ore dating from the Late Copper Age (the second half of fifth millennium B.C.). The deposits of copper ore in Ai Bunar near the town of Stara Zagora are also of great interests. They appear regularly in all the works on the earliest metallurgy.
The organizers of the Symposium aim to bring mainly young scholars from Great Britain, France, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, etc., working on archaeo-metallurgical topics associated with the early metallurgy in the Balkans. They will present the results of their studies. At a round table they will discuss the opportunities for a more effective cooperation and exchange of information. 
Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Foundation supports financially the Symposium.

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