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The exhibition catalogue “Tsar Samuil († 1014) in battle for Bulgaria” has been published

The book is a catalogue of the eponymous temporary exhibition. The edition is a part of a broad campaign to commemorate 1000 years since the battle near the village of Klyuch (July 29, 1014) and the death of Tsar Samuil (997-1014) on October 6, 1014. It is funded by state subsidy targeted at supporting the National Commemorative Program (by government decree № 18 of February 7, 2014 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria).
The catalogue is bilingual, in English and Bulgarian, and is edited by the Director of NAIM at BAS, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lyudmil Vagalinski. It is composed of two parts.

The first part contains six articles by leading scholars – epigraphists, historians, archaeologists and specialists in warfare including the article by Prof. Nikolaos Mutsopulos who has excavated and examined the church “St. Achilles” on the eponymous island in Small Prespa Lake, Greece and has found and identified the grave of Tsar Samuil.

The second part is the catalogue proper of all objects in the exhibition presented in extensive entries and with photographs. The highlights are the inscription from the village of German and a copy of the Bitola inscription recounting the history of the family of Tsar Samuil. Besides these, coins, stamps, two crosses from the Patriarchal church in Drastar and a large collection of medieval weapons, representing a full sample of armament and armour typical of the era, are also included. The exhibits displayed come from the collections of 14 Bulgarian museums: NAIM at BAS, National Museum of History, Archaeological Museum-Veliki Preslav, Regional Museum of History-Shumen, Regional Museum of History-Varna, Regional Museum of History-Dobrich, Regional Museum of History-Razgrad, Regional Museum of History-Pernik, Regional Museum of History-Vratsa, Regional Museum of History-Montana, Museum of History-Panagyurishte, Regional Museum of History-Sliven, Regional Museum of History-Burgas and Regional Museum of History-Silistra.
We express our sincere gratitude to all institutions and colleagues for the valuable support in accomplishing the work on the catalogue.

Dear reader,
The catalogue in your hands is dedicated to the Tsar who did not fight for power; the statesman, who loved his people so much, that his heart ceased at the sight of his maimed soldiers. Today, Bulgaria still needs such leaders. Let us hope we recognize them!
Associate Professor Dr Lyudmil Vagalinski
(Director of NAIM-BAS)

The contents of the catalogue can be found here.