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Children’s book “Tsar Samuil in battle for Bulgaria” has been published

The children’s book "Tsar Samuil in battle for Bulgaria" is dedicated to the homonymous exhibition displayed in Temporary exhibitions Hall of NAIM-BAS. It is for children aged 10 to 13 years. The aim is to offer information in an accessible way to children about the highlights, as well as all the items included in the archaeological exhibition and thus to acquaint adolescents with major events, personalities, terms and concepts characterizing the era of Tsar Samuil.

In order to generate greater interest in the young readers of the book, there are 7 interactive games along with texts on specific topics.

The book has 32 pages including preface as a form of address to the readers, basic text organized in 6 topics and conclusion. The book also contains 5 miniatures from the Manasses Chronicle and the Chronicle of Skilitsa, 17 photographs of exhibits, 5 photographs of sites directly related to the events of the era, 11 drawings referring to the texts and games in the book and 1 map. More specific words and terms are explained in separate coloured margins on the side of the corresponding text.

The first topic is entitled “Development of Bulgaria in the 9th-10th century” and makes readers familiar with the main directions of the Bulgarian state development in the previous historical period, as well as aims at explaining the causes for the beginning of the political crisis in the reign of Tsar Petar. The second theme is dedicated to the family of Tsar Samuil. The main passage in the book refers to the third theme entitled “The battle for Bulgaria”, which is discussed in two sub-themes: 1. The most important battles in the Byzantine-Bulgarian wars; 2. The common weapon of the period. The fourth theme relates to the personalities of the era of Samuil, whose names are well-known due to written sources and sigillographic data. The fifth topic entitled “Bulgarian medieval centers” provides brief information on some of the largest and most important centers of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. The theme number six is the last one telling the history during the years following the death of Tsar Samuil and his successors. 

The children’s book is a result of increasingly confirmed tradition of NAIM-BAS to work out educational programs for children. The authors hope that the book will engage not only the interest and attention of the young audience to the era of Samuil, but also will provoke and cultivate interest in the preservation of the Bulgarian cultural heritage.

Author of the texts is Dr. Galina Grozdanova (Exhibitions Department), illustrations are created by Dr. Ivo Cholakov, Chief Assistant (Department of Classic Archaeology). The photographs are made by Krasimir Georgiev (NAIM-BAS) and Metodi Zlatkov (Department of Medieval Archaeology). Consultant is the Director of NAIM-BAS, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lyudmil Vagalinski.