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Eighth National archaeological exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2014” was officially opened

The National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences organizes the National archaeological exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2014” for eighth year in a row. Traditionally, it presents the results from the last season of archaeological fieldwork by displaying some of the most interesting finds, along with extensive illustrative material. This year co-organizers are 16 historical and archaeological museums in the country contributing to the exhibition with finds kept in their depots.
The opening ceremony was attended by Acad. Stefan Vodenicharov, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boni Petrunova, Deputy Minister of Culture, Dr. Todor Chobanov, Deputy Mayor Culture, Education and Sport for the City of Sofia, diplomats and representatives of foreign cultural institutes in Sofia, the archaeological college and many visitors.
The annual journalist awards for contribution to protection and promotion of the archaeological heritage of Bulgaria through the media were handed out at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. The award in the category Electronic publications (radio and television) went to Petra Taleva (BNR, "Hristo Botev" programme) and in the category Print publications (newspapers and magazines) it was bestowed to Dimitar Nikolov ("Novinar" newspaper). The Bulgarian National Radio received award as a national informative and cultural institution playing a fundamental role in the promotion and protection of the archaeological heritage of Bulgaria. It was also in connection with the 80th anniversary of the Bulgarian National Radio. The award was received by Mr. Ivo Todorov, Program Director of BNR.
The exhibition includes more than 280 artifacts from a total of 23 archaeological sites differing in type and chronology, from the early Prehistory to the Middle Ages. Among them are benchmark sites researched for many years and currently excavated with funding from the Ministry of Culture, such as the medieval Bulgarian capitals Pliska and Preslav, the rock town of Perperikon, the Lyutitsa and Kaliakra fortresses, the Roman cities of Deultum and Ulpia Oescus, as well as sites heavily investigated through rescue excavations under some of the major state infrastructure projects – the Neolithic settlement at Mursalevo village, the late antique site in Cheresharnika locality, the city of Dupnitsa, tumulus (Dupna mound) of the Roman period in the region of the city of Dragoman.
Some of the most impressive finds are the following: a fragment of late Paleolithic "Venus" figurine carved from bone, found in Kozarnika cave; fully preserved anthropomorphic vessel with white painted decoration from the Neolithic settlement at Mursalevo village; gold jewellery and silver vessels from a rich female grave from Sboryanovo necropolis; exquisite red-figure vessels from the necropolis of Apollonia; rare sword with inlaid figure, found in Dupna mound; bronze figurines of Hercules and Hermes from Heraclea Sintica; bronze padlock shaped like a dog from Pliska; gold coins from the reign of the Emperor John III Doukas Vatatzes from Kaliakra; gilded bronze spur inlaid with dragons and floral motifs from Lyutitsa.
The archaeological fieldwork during 2014 is also illustrated by posters presenting almost 50 sites.
The exhibition will run until March 29, 2015.

Bulletin of the National Institute of Archaeology