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In memoriam

On Easter Day, April 12, 2015, passed away 
Corr. mem. Prof. Henrieta Todorova Vaisova, Doctor of Historical Sciences

Corr. mem. Prof. Henrieta Todorova Vaisova, Doctor of Historical Sciences
(1933 – 2015)
For over fifty years, Prof. Todorova dedicated her life to studying the prehistory of Southeastern Europe and bequeathed us so many books, publications and rich ideas that several decades will be needed to fully understand them.  
Prof. Todorova had the luck, fate, courage and vision to introduce and develop in the Bulgarian prehistoric archaeology the best and most fruitful ideas of post-war European prehistory. She achieved that in a brilliant way by large-scale work done in field and in cabinet, which she, as only a very few succeed, turned into original scholarly literature, obligatory for anyone engaging in “her themes”: the Early Neolithic Period, the birth and decline of the Chalcolithic civilization in the Balkans, understanding of the relationship between prehistoric man and his environment.

Everyone who has worked with Prof. Todorova knows her pace, persistence, tenacity and dedication. Her professional efficiency was proverbial and her intuition based on huge and meaningful experience allowed her to give generously and with ease ideas and interpretations a decade ahead of their time. 
Prof. Todorova was pedantic organizer and a true leader of the teams she built up and led both in the field studies and in the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
For many of us, her students and friends, Prof. Todorova will be remembered as the "Lady": a European grande dame of archaeology who founded with mind and soul a school in the prehistoric studies and taught us the fieldwork craft and understanding of the scale of the big historical processes.

National Archaeological Institute with Museum - BAS

The funeral service will be held on 17.04.2015 at 2.00 pm in Holy Sunday Church.