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New volume of the “Archaeological discoveries and excavations” series

New volume of the Archaeological discoveries and excavations in 2014 series of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum has been released.

The book is prepared for the 54th National Archaeological Conference that will be held in the city of Gotse Delchev from May 26 to May 30, 2015. The organizers are Gotse Delchev Municipality, Museum of History – Gotse Delchev and National Archaeological Institute with Museum.

For more information, you can see the PROGRAMME of the 54th National Archaeological Conference.

The “Archaeological discoveries and excavations in 2014” is a result of the work of the entire Bulgarian archaeological guild. 350 field studies were organized and conducted during the last archaeological season. They are distributed into chronological periods as follows: Prehistory – 31; Thracian archaeology – 55; Classic archaeology – 119; Medieval archaeology – 78; Archaeological field-walking and archaeological observations – 67. A significant part of the submitted reports in this volume are related to major infrastructure projects – construction of highways, pipelines, new railway lines. Although the responsibility and the burden – intellectual and physical were very heavy for the colleagues, who conducted the excavations, they have successfully coped with their tasks. Besides rescue excavations, the regular excavations of a significant number of sites studied for many years continued. Many of them are related to the archaeological studies of the ancient Bulgarian capitals, ancient towns and villages, large prehistoric sites.
The editorial board tried in a very short time to cope with the huge and extremely varied material of the reports and to prepare the most voluminous book of the “Archaeological discoveries and excavations” series that has been published so far.
I am convinced that the great accumulation of new empirical archaeological material will give results very soon and will contribute to development of the archaeological science in Bulgaria.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gergana Kabakchieva
Scientific Secretary, NAIM-BAS

Годишник на Националния археологически музей