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Official opening of the 10th National Archaeological exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2016”


The National Archaeological exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2016” was officially opened on February 14. It is organized for a tenth year in a row by the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The artefacts and many illustrations included in the exhibition represent the most interesting results of the previous field season. The jubilee exhibition is organized in cooperation with thirteen museums of history and archaeology in the country.

The opening ceremony was attended by Gen. Rumen Radev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Eng. Spas Popnikolov, Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Assoc. Prof. Stela Baltova, Minister of Tourism, Prof. Boryana Hristova, Deputy Minister of Culture, Hon. Eric Rubin, United States Ambassador to Bulgaria, Acad. Yulian Revalski, President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia, Prof. Bozhidar Dimitrov, Director of the National Museum of History, diplomats and representatives of foreign cultural institutes in Sofia and the archaeological college.

The annual journalist awards for contribution to protection and promotion of the archaeological heritage of Bulgaria through the media were handed out at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. The award in the category Electronic publications (radio and television) went to Maria Cherneva (Bulgarian National Television) and Petra Taleva (Bulgarian National Radio) and in the category Publication in electronic media (news agencies and online media) it was bestowed to Thomas Dowson.

The exhibition brings together more than 350 artefacts from 18 archaeological sites belonging to different chronology covering the period from the Early Prehistory to the Middle Ages. Among them are well-known sites explored by long-term research (the Palaeolithic site in the Kozarnika cave, Yunatsite Tell and Provadia-Solnitsata Tell, Gluhite Kamani rock complex, the Black Sea colony of Apollonia Pontica, the Roman cities of Deultum and Serdica, the first Bulgarian capital Pliska), results of rescue archaeological excavations (the prehistoric settlement at the village of Damyanitsa) and of archaeological excavations of tumuli situated near the town of Primorsko and the village of Izvorovo, Harmanli region.

The “gold highlights” of the 10th National Archaeological exhibition are extremely impressive. Gold horse harness appliqués from Primorsko, gold bead from Yunatsite tell (one of the oldest gold artefacts known in Europe and the world), gold ornaments from Provadia-Solnitsata Tell, as well as from a tumulus near the village of Izvorovo and the necropolis of Apollonia, and a gold button from Pliska feature high level of technical and artistic craftsmanship.

Posters representing nearly 50 sites provide brief information and pictures to help visitors get acquainted with the context of discovery of the artefacts displayed in the exhibition and with the results of excavations at other archaeological sites conducted during the 2016 field season.

The exhibition is presented in the Temporary Exhibitions Hall of the museum and will run until March 19, 2017.