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Poster exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2016” in the “Sredets” Gallery


The National Archaeological Institute with Museum organized and hosted the 10th anniversary exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2016” from 14 February to 19 March 2017. Co-organizers of the exhibition are thirteen museums of history and archaeology in the country: National History Museum, Regional Museum of History (RMH) Blagoevgrad, RMH Kardzhali, RMH Pazardzhik, RMH Haskovo, RMH Shumen, RMH Sofia, Archaeological Museum Sozopol, Municipal History Museum Sredets, Museum of History (MH) Belogradchik, MH Dryanovo, MH Provadia and MH Primorsko.

The exhibition included more than 350 artifacts and extensive illustrative material representing the most interesting results of the field surveys conducted during the last archaeological season. Because of the great interest it has raised among the media and the audience, NAIM and the Ministry of Culture give the residents and the guests of the capital an opportunity to become familiar again with some of the most impressive archaeological discoveries of the 2016 field season by the poster exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2016”. There are a total of 25 posters illustrating the research of nearly 50 sites and revealing new intriguing facts in the history of the Bulgarian lands form hoary antiquity – the Upper Palaeolithic (about 40 000 years ago) to the Middle Ages. Among these are well-known sites explored by long-term research, such as the Palaeolithic site in the Kozarnika cave, the Yunatsite and Provadia-Solnitsata prehistoric tells, the Gluhite Kamani rock complex, the antique emporion of Pistiros, the Black Sea colony of Apollonia Pontica, the Roman cities of Deultum, Serdica, Augusta Traiana, Nicopolis ad Istrum, the first Bulgarian capital Pliska, the medieval Trapezitsa, the rock town of Perperikon, as well as the archaeological excavations of tumuli by the town of Primorsko and the village of Izvorovo, Harmanli region, the rescue excavations of the prehistoric settlement Damyanitsa, along the “Struma” motorway, etc.

The excavations of some of the sites in 2016 were implemented due to funding through the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The poster exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2016” can be seen in the “Sredets” Gallery from 16 to 31 May 2017.