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Media Competition


Media Competition


The National Archaeological Institute with Museum is pleased to announce that the traditional annual journalistic awards for contributions to the preservation and promotion of the archaeological heritage of Bulgaria through the mass media in 2017 will be bestowed in 2018. The award amount is 700 lv.

Awards will be bestowed in three categories:

  • Publication in print media (newspapers and magazines);
  • Publication in electronic media (news agencies and online media);
  • Publication in electronic media (radio and television).

Publications participating in the competition should promote the achievements of the Bulgarian archaeology or the activities of NAIM-BAS, or present problems of the protection of the archaeological heritage of Bulgaria.

To participate in the contest, journalists must submit to the Secretariate of NAIM-BAS (1000 Sofia, 2 Saborna Str.) professional CV and materials (photocopies, CD, DVD) published or broadcast in 2017.

Materials can be sent electronically via e-mail at When this mode of sending the materials is used, please request confirmation of receipt.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE – February 6 (Friday) 2018.


The winners in every category will be announced at the opening of the 11th National Archaeological exhibition "Bulgarian Archaeology 2017" which will be held in the Central hall of the National Archaeological Museum on February 14, 2018.