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A new issue of the “Interdisciplinary Research” series


New issue No. 25 of the “Interdisciplinary Research” series of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum has been published.

In this issue consists of four papers that cover different topics. In the first article, B. Galabova and N. Timeva present the results of an anthropological study of a considerable number of human remains, discovered during archaeological excavations of thirteen localities. Tz. Popova presents the use of various plants in ritual contexts from the Antiquity – sanctuaries and necropolises. Ts. Tsonev considers three different aspects of the relationship established between the social identity and the chipped-stone techniques. These aspects are ‘distance’, ‘exotic’, and ‘quality’. O. Vitov applied a methodology for creating predictive maps for calculating the chances of occurrence of ore and metallurgical centers. The study covers the period that spans between early Chalcolitic to the Bronze Age. This approach has been tested in the region of the water-catchment basins of the rivers Struma and Mesta in Southwest Bulgaria. It analyzes the available data from stream-sediment pan-concentrated surveys. The analysis established presence of native copper, cuprite, azurite, malachite, torbernite, chalcopyrite, native lead, pyromorphite, cassiterite.

The online version (with free access) is now available at, where you can download it as a pdf file.