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Eleventh National Archaeological Exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2017” catalogue


The catalogue of the Eleventh National archaeological exhibition "Bulgarian Archaeology 2017" has been published (

The exhibition is organized by the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with 17 historical and archaeological museums in the country which contribute with finds kept in their depots. Traditionally, it presents the results from the last season of archaeological fieldwork by displaying some of the most interesting finds, along with extensive illustrative material.

From February 17 to April 1, 2018, for a month and a half, in the Temporary Exhibitions Hall of NAIM at BAS will be displayed over 340 exhibits from a total of 22 archaeological sites differing in type and chronology, from the Early Prehistory to the Middle Ages. The catalogue includes the most interesting and impressive finds from the archaeological sites presented in the exhibition.

Бояджиев, K., Н. Иванова (ред.). Българска археология 2017. Каталог към изложба. София: НАИМ–БАН, 2018. ISNN 2367-8860; ISBN 978-954-9472-55-4.

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