The “Power and pathos: Bronze sculpture of the Hellenistic world” exhibition was officially opened on July 27th in the Getty Center Exhibitions Pavilion in Los Angeles. The exhibition gathers together the most valuable bronze sculptures dated to the last three...

New issue No. 10 of the “Numismatics, Sphragistics & Epigraphy” series of the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum has been released. This issue contains articles and reports on coins, hoards, stamp seals, coin-like finds and epigraphic monuments...

J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, USA will present the most significant bronze works of Hellenistic art from July 28th to November 1st 2015. The three centuries between the reign of Alexander of Macedon and the reign of the Emperor Augustus are marked by innovative and...

The National Institute of Archaeology and Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences covers the complete study of the culture of tribes and peoples who have occupied present day Bulgaria from the remote past until the 18th century. NIAM-BAS is a national center and coordinator...

“The Roman cuisine” is a bilingual Bulgarian-English booklet. It presents adapted Roman recipes aiming to give a more detailed outline оf the everyday life in the Roman Empire. The contents of the 20-page booklet includes data on the main written sources for the...

As part of a children’s program related to the current exhibition “Silver from the Louvre. The Boscoreale treasure” the National Museum of Archaeology organizes Art workshop for kids . The workshop will take place on 24th June (Wednesday), 2015, from 10 am...

Dear visitors, On Monday, June 22, the National Archaeological Museum will be open for visitors from 10 am to 2 pm. NIAM-BAS

The book is a catalogue of the homonymous temporary exhibition coming as a result of the excellent cooperation between the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum and the Regional Museum of History – Stara Zagora. The exhibition presents everyday items, possessed by...

Dear guests, Оn Wednesday, June 17, the National Archaeological Museum will be open for visitors from 10 am to 2 pm. NIAM-BAS

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