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New issue No. 14 of the “Numismatics, Sphragistics & Epigraphy” series of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum has been published. This issue is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Ivan Karayotov and contains articles and reports on coins, hoards,...

The thirteenth volume of Dissertations series entitled "Socioeconomic implications of cereal crop production in inland Thrace during the Late Iron Age" by Dr. Natalia Ivanova (NAIM-BAS) has been published. The study explores the operation sequences of the production,...

The catalogue of the 12 th National Archaeological Exhibition “Bulgarian Archaeology 2018” has been published ( ). The exhibition is organized by the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian...

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The restoration of a glass vessel from the so-called vasa diatreta group (cage cups), found in a late Roman grave within the present-day town of Yambol, was completed. The reconstruction and study of the cup formed part of the international project ‘Late Roman diatreta...