Dear guests, Due to renovation works the National Archaeological Museum will be closed for visitors from Wednesday, April 20, to Monday, 25 April, 2016. NAIM-BAS

Dear guests, Тhe National Archaeological Museum will be closed for visitors on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.   From NAIM-BAS

2016 marks 100 years since the death of Václav Dobruský (11 August 1858 – 24 December 1916), the first director of the National Archaeological Museum and the first lecturer in classic archaeology, classical philology, epigraphy and numismatics at the Sofia...

On 10 April 2016 Mr. Boyko Borissov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, officially opened the new archaeological base with a museum in situ in the National Archaeological Reserve “Deultum-Debelt”. The buildings are the best equipped in the country. Deultum...

Issue No. 24 of the “Interdisciplinary Studies” periodical, publication of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum, has been released. This issue presents a bibliography of the Bulgarian geoarchaeology and archaeomineralogy by Ruslan I. Kostov. The...

For fifth year in a row, the National Museum of Archaeology organizes educational projects for students of first- to fourth-grade classes from schools in Sofia which include guided tours of the permanent exposition and the temporary exhibitions. The projects aims to provide the...

After the success of the international exhibition “The Golden Legend” in the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo and the Miyagi Museum of Art in the city of Sendai, Japan, from 1 April, 2016 it will be presented at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art in...

New issue No. 11 of the “Numismatics, Sphragistics & Epigraphy” series of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum has been released. This issue contains articles and reports on coins, hoards, stamp seals, coin-like finds and epigraphic monuments...

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