Elka Anastassova

Address: National Institute of Archaeology with Museum - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2 Saborna St., 1000 Sofia
Phone: +359 2 988 24 06
Employment, academic and research positions
2003-present Researcher at the Department of Prehistory, National Institute of Archaeology with Museum – BAS

Education and additional qualification
1995–1997 French Language study at the French Institute of Culture, Sofia
1991–1997 MA in Archaeology at the New Bulgarian University (NBU), Department of Archaeology; MA thesis: “Algorithm of Preparation and Exploitation of Nuclei of the Flint Assemblage of the Late Paleolithic Transformatora Site (West Rhodope Mountains) and Analysis of the Characteristic Features of the Chips Being a Waste Product of the Production and Semi Products for Tool Making”
1991–1992 Management and Trade Law at the at the NBU
1986–1990 Technical School of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Sofia; specialty – production automation

Areas of research interest: Prehistory; Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Early Bronze age; flint and stone tools

Archaeological excavations and projects
2004 Tell Karanovo (Bulgaria); from early Neolithic to early Bronze Age; team member
2004 Tell Kapitan Dimitrievo (Bulgaria); from early Neolithic to early Iron Age; team member
2004 Tell Kran (Bulgaria); late Neolithic and early Bronze Age; team member
2004 Slatina-Sofia (Bulgaria); early Neolithic; team member
2003-2004 Golema Pesht Cave near Zdunye (Republic of Macedonia); middle and late Paleolithic, Epipaleolithic (?); team member
1996-2004 Kozarnika Cave (Bulgaria); early, middle and late Paleolithic, Neolithic, early Bronze age, Iron Age; team member
1999 Drama near Yambol (Bulgaria); from late Neolithic to Roman Period; trainee
1995 underwater excavations in Sozopol (Bulgaria); Early Bronze age; trainee
1995 Apollonia Necropolis in Sozopol (Bulgaria); trainee
1995-1996 Slatina-Sofia (Bulgaria); early Neolithic; trainee
1994 Temnata Cave near Karlukovo (Bulgaria), middle and late Paleolithic; trainee
1994 Koprivets near Russe (Bulgaria); Early Neolithic; trainee
1994 Magura Cave (Bulgaria); Pleistocene and Holocene periods; trainee
1994 Tsarevets near Mezdra (Bulgaria); prehistory, Iron Age, Middle Ages and Mediaeval Graffiti; trainee
1993 Durankulak (Bulgaria); Chalcolithic; trainee
1992 Kozareva mogila near Kableshkovo (Bulgaria), early and late Chalcolithic; trainee

Organizing experience
2004 Member of the Organizing Committee of the XLIII National Archaeological Conference, Sandanski, 25-28 May, 2004

French, Russian, English, Macedonian - reading only

Computer and technical skills
Word for Windows, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe IdDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Power Point, Corel Draw.

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Numismatics, Sphragistics & Epigraphy
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