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Dr. Nikola Tonkov Engineer

Address: National Institute of Archaeology with Museum - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2 Saborna St., Sofia, Bulgaria
Employment, academic and research positions
1994 NAIM-BAS, PGIS - geophysicist
1986-1994 Laboratory of Geotechnics, Laboratory for Instrumental Methods in Geotechnics and Archaeology - researcher
1985-1986 Mineproject, Ministry of Energetics - tachnologist

Education and additional qualification
2012 PhD degree, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Department of Archaeology. PhD thesis: “Geophysical methods in archaeology. Optimization of technique for prospection of burial mounds”
1985 engineer-geophysicist, Higher Institute of Mining and Geology, Department of Applied Geophysics

Organizing experience
Organization, management, performing and reporting geophysical surveys of several dozens archaeological sites and Thracian burial mounds

English, Russian

Technical skills
Work with specialized equipment: geophysical devices – resistivimeters, magnetometers, MS meters, metal detectors; geodetic instruments, etc.
Work with specialized software for geophysical data processing: Archeosurveyor (DW Consulting); Res2Dinv, Res3Dinv, Res2Dmod, Res3Dmod (Geotomo Software); Potent, PotentQ, Pdyke, PBlock (Geophysical Software Solutions); Surfer, Grapher, Didger, Voxler, MapViewer (Golden Software); ArcGIS (ESRI), CorelDraw Graphics Suite, etc.

Areas of research interest:
Application of geophysical methods for prospection of archaeological sites
Improvement of techniques for complex electroresistivity and geomagnetic surveys of settlements, sanctuaries, cemeteries, burial mound, etc. Application of two and three dimensional electroresistivity tomography (ERT) in archaeological prospection

Geophysical surveys of archaeological sites:
Geophisical prospection of several dozens archaeological sites, including:
- National Archaeological Reservation “Sborianovo”: resistivity and magnetic surveys of the Thracian fortified settlement in the vicinity of the Water station and eight borrows of the East and West necropolis.
- emporion Pistiros at the village of Vetren: electroresistivity and geomagnetic surveys
- multilayered settlement in Halka Bunar locality at the village of Gorno Belevo: resistivity and geomagnetic mapping and 2D electroresistivity tomography (ERT)
- stronghold “Krakra” at Pernik: resistivity mapping and 2D ERT
- NAR “Cabyle”: resistivity and geomagnetic mapping and 2D ERT; geophysiscal prospection of two burial mounds from the Cabyle necropolis
- tell “Provadia-Solnitsata”: resistivity mapping and 2D ERT
- Roman villa at the village of Banica, FYR of Macedonia: 2D and 3D ERT
- sanctuary of Mymphae at the village of Kasnakovo: resistivity mapping and 2D ERT
- archaeological site Ada tepe at Krumovgrad: resistivity and geomagnetic mapping and 2D ERT
- Veliki Preslav: electroresisitivity and magnetic mapping at the area of the Monastery of chargubil Mostich
- Aquae Calidae at the Burgas mineral bath: 2D and 3D ERT
- Nicopolis ad Istrum at the village of Nikyup: 2D and 3D ERT
- the necropolis of Shipka-Sheynovo in Kazanlak valley: geophysical prospection of more than 20 Thracian burial mound including Malkata mogila tumulus and the tumuli Binyova, Zareva, Golyama Arsenalka, Ostrusha, Atyova and Svetitsa
- могилен некропол при с. Оризово: електросъпротивителни проучвания на три тракийски надгробни могили
- necropolis at the village of Orizova, Bratia Daskalovi municipality: geophysical prospection of three Thracian burial mound
- necropolis at the village of Krushare, Sliven municipality: geophysical prospection of three Thracian burial mound
- the village of Bratia Daskalovi: electroresistivity and geomagnetic prospection of seven Thracian burial mound, including Momina, Chitashka and Karakochova tuimuli.
- Thracian burial mound at Opaka: 2D and 3D ERT
- geomagnetic prospection of over 10 archaeological sites along the highways Thracia, Hemus and Marits including these at the villages of Sarnevo, Skobelevo, Yabalkovo, Voden, the town of Shumen, etc.

Selected bibliography:

Teaching experience
Since 2005 Course “Geophysical Methods in Archaeology”, MSc program “Archaeometry”, Department of Archaeology, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Editorial boards membership
Member of editorial of Interdisciplinary Studies journal

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