Ivan Vajsov, PhDr

Address: National Institute of Archaeology with Museum – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2 Saborna St., 1000 Sofia
Employment, academic and research positions
Since 1981 specialist at the Department of Prehistory in the National Archaeological Institute with Museum - BAS
1981 Historical Museum, Targovishte

Education and additional qualification
1984 PhDr of University "Jan Amos Comenius", Bratislava, Slovakia
1981 degree in archeology, prehistory specialty, University "Jan Amos Comenius", Bratislava, Slovakia

Organizing experience
Leader of several separate archaeological expeditions
A longtime member of the Bulgarian team involved in the implementation of the Greek-Bulgarian project "Studies of the Prehistoric Settlement Promachon-Topolica"
Coordinator of several research projects

Slovak, German

Areas of research interest:
Study of prehistoric anthropomorphic sculpture
Study of the Late Neolithic in the river valley Struma/Strimon
Study of the earliest periods of Neolithic in the Balkans
Study of early metallurgy in the Balkans
Study the Neolithic, Eneolithic and the transitional period on the west coast of the Black Sea

Archaeological excavations and projects:
2012 Team Leader of research on Neolithic settlement Kurilo-Kremenica, Kurilo-Novi Iskar, Sofia district. Late Neolithic & Early Eneolitic, Southwestern Bulgaria
Leader of the archeological and interdisciplinary studies of neolithic settlement Kurt Orman to Bata, Pomorie
2011 Leader of the interdisciplinary studies of neolithic settlement Yurcheshme to Bata, Pomorie
2010-2011 Leader of interdisciplinary studies in neolithic settlement Promachon-Topolnica, sector Topolnica
1993-2003 Member on Bulgarian side in the joint study of neolithic settlement Promachon-Topolnicaq sector Promachon, Greece
1991 Deputy head of the archaeological excavations of neolithic settlement near the village Koprivets, Rousse
1984 Early Neolithic settlement in the "Lukanov tree" Gradeshnitsa the village, Vratsa
1983-1984 Deputy director of archaeological research in the area reserves, village Drinovo
1980-1992 Promachon-Topolnica, sector Topolnica; since 1986 deputy director of archaeological research
1981-1982 Late Neolithic settlement Podgorica village, Targovishte
1977-2004 Settlement mound necropolis with "Big Island" in Durankulak
Neolithic settlement "Ovcharovo forest" Ruets the village, Targovishte

Selected bibliography:
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Teaching experience
2004, 2009-2012 Fieldwork practice leader of students from the NBU-Sofia   

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